41 years

Providing solutions in the foreign trade logistics chain

Customs Management

Our customs management procedures have been designed according to Colombian foreign trade needs and interests. We have national coverage and are present at customs jurisdictions of the country’s large maritime ports, airports and border crossings.

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We have:

•10.000 mt2 for storage in Authorized Public Storage warehouses
•3.000 mt2 for storage in Duty Free Zones (Industrial service user, and commercial)
•4.500 mt2 for storage in Distribution Centers.

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International transport

•We coordinate air, maritime, combined and multimodal transportation for importation, exportation and between third countries. 
•Merchandise transportation insurance with door-to-door coverage

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Merchandise importation, exportation and linked services for foreign trade service users, with or without legal representation in the country. 

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Ground transportation

Logistics management in optimal transport routes and alternatives.

National land transport of cargo, and urban in the city of Bogotá.

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Why choose Repremundo?

Repremundo offers its services in the foreign trade logistics chain employing the most qualified and dedicated human talent, and using a highly efficient physical and technological infrastructure.

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